Breathtaking in scope, often hilarious in tone, serious about scholarship, and full of critical insight, Back to the Stone Age shows how and why we need to engage with the distant past in order to work towards what we would like to be now. Essential reading for our times, this is a book for all antiracists desperate to save our shared planetary home. 

Vron Ware, author of Return of a Native: Learning from the Land

An engaging and eclectic catalogue of case studies that highlight ideas of race in places where most people wouldn’t think to look for them, from the iconography of Stonehenge to what it really means to call Donald Trump a Neanderthal. I now feel vindicated in my instinctive aversion to the paleo diet and survival-based reality television; others will find tools for their anti-racist endeavours within these pages too.

Subhadra Das, author of (Un)Civilised: 10 Lies That Made the West

Mike Pitts, British Archeology magazine, March-April 2023